Gammara – The story behind our logo

‘Gammara means beautiful in Tana Beru language’

Restu said in full confidence. Tana Beru is where the Ara tribe is building our dream boat, in South of Sulawesi-Indonesia. Restu, the founder sounded so assured with ‘Gammara’ as her choice of name that her partner and I looked at each other and we just had to agree that it is just perfect. And we threw away bunch of names that we had collected without even trying to discuss it with her. Gammara it is!

Few weeks later, we were discussing how we should have the logo, we considered many options and somehow, a shape of half woman and half water came to mind.

I started to sketch it and everyone just agreed to pursue the idea. We then contacted a designer to work on a proper logo, the process to find the final shape was very smooth and easy. The logo was ready in just two weeks time as you see above.

Soon after, Restu had to go to Tana Beru to organise the first ceremony required before the work can start. We then found out that based on the tribe’s tradition and ancient believes, this ceremony is also to summon a female spirit to protect the boat at all times.

It’s almost uncanny how these different occasions seems to connect in giving the shape and meaning to our logo that the it feels almost alive now.

One day I woke up with a strong desire to draw Gammara or the spirit of Gammara as I mentally visualize it. As one of our good friends said when she saw the drawing, ‘She is a bold warrior woman yet projects a feminine aura full of mystery.’

That is our Gammara.

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