Gili Lawa is a true gem of the Indonesian archipelago, boasting crystal clear turquoise waters and breathtaking panoramic views. Nestled among the lush vegetation of the Komodo National Park, this idyllic paradise offers a range of luxurious amenities and experiences to satisfy the most discerning travelers. From its pristine white sand beaches to its world-class diving and snorkeling spots, Gili Lawa offers an unparalleled escape into a world of opulence and natural beauty.


Embark on the experience of a lifetime aboard Gammara with a cruise that will simply blow your mind. We’ll take you to remote parts of the Komodo National Park, a protected area encompassing an array of tropical islands. Be at one with the beauty of nature as you snorkel coral reefs, sunbathe on exotic beaches, climb hilltops to watch the sunset and witness Komodo dragons in their native habitat. This journey will carry you across the sea on a comfortable liveaboard with plenty of time to chill out on deck as all your needs are taken care of by our friendly crew.